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Traveling Through the USA in Song – Part 2

Grant: Musician Fee, headphones, breakout boxes, student visit to the Apple Store
Amount: $966.64
Teacher: Alesia Peck, Deb Quinn
Students Benefiting from Grant: 125 4th grade students, Burgess Elementary

Ted. funds will continue the 2010-11 program of a musician/teacher visit 5 times during the school year to teach American heritage & history of various geographic regions via song & literature to the 4th graders. This year’s program will include songs written by the music teacher to help children memorize states and capitals and a student visit to Apple Store to learn the GarageBand program. This grant is being implemented during the 2011-12 school year. Please check back soon, for more details and a full report of how the Burgess Elementary students benefited from this Ted. grant.