Each spring Ted. awards grants to teachers applying from the elementary schools in Brimfield, Brookfield, Holland, Sturbridge and Wales as well as from Tantasqua Junior and Senior High Schools. These grants allow teachers to pursue exciting new programs and encourage students to excel using innovative educational approaches. 

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Grants Awarded in 2020

Unlocking the Universe with Telescopes    


Kristin Pease, TRHS

This grant would fund the purchase of two GPS telescopes along with the eyepiece and filter kits for the astronomy curriculum. The telescopes will allow for more student engagement in space exploration. Two telescopes will allow for more potential discussion and interaction. This technology will be used year after year so that many more students would benefit from this grant in future years.


We Are What We Eat: Edible Gardens


Ashley Lowe, Jessy Marcucci, TRJHS

This grant would fund the purchase of 5 Indoor Home Gardens with herb plant pods and smart garden vegetable plants allowing for students to creatively combine ingredients they themselves have grown into their cooking labs in ways that will up their nutritious ante and serve up healthy substitutes for fat and sugar laden chips, candy and cookies. This grant will act to combine the concept of nutrition with hands-on learning opportunities of indoor gardening where both students and food will grow.


Mindful Movement and Moments in the Classroom  

Jessy Marcucci, Ashley Lowe, TRJHS

This grant would fund the purchase of 60 traditional Mexican Yoga blankets, 60 bolsters and 60 towels to enable students to learn effective ways to calm their nervous systems while providing them with supportive relationships and nurturing experiences in an inviting, safe and calm environment. Depression and anxiety is rising among teens and this grant would help support social-emotional learning (SEL) through mindful movement, yoga and meditation to improve attention, increase emotional regulation, and reduce stress and anxiety thus enhancing the development of mental health and the overall well-being of our students. 



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How Grants Get Granted

The Ted. Grants Review Committee consists of members of the Ted. Board of Directors and educators not affiliated with the Tantasqua or Union 61 school districts. In order to ensure impartiality, the Review Committee reads the applications with the teachers’ names and schools removed.


When Grants Get Granted

Applications are due by Feb 11 and notification of the awards by early May.


What Ted. Funds

Teacher-initiated innovative projects and programs and the materials that support them. The key criteria are listed here.


Ted. Evaluation for
Grant Proposals
  • Is this a creative, innovative project in teaching and/or learning, (i.e. one that involves “change, expansion, adaptation, enhancement, improvement, challenge, risk, or a new technique which is supported in the literature”)?

  • Does the project complement the curriculum goals of the Tantasqua Regional or Union 61 Public Schools?

  • Are the goals, outcomes, and activities of the project clearly stated, and completed with adequate detail?

  • Will the project benefit large numbers of students?

  • Is the project suitable for replication in the school system?

  • Are the budget items reasonable and in adequate detail?

  • Does the dissemination method and/or evaluation mechanism adequately assess the success of the project?

  • What is the overall strength of the proposal?