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Each spring Ted. awards grants to teachers applying from the elementary schools in Brimfield, Brookfield, Holland, Sturbridge and Wales as well as from Tantasqua Junior and Senior High Schools. These grants allow teachers to pursue exciting new programs and encourage students to excel using innovative educational approaches. 

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Grants Awarded in 2023

Primary Learning Flexible Seating


Stacy Cizik, Jill Sheldon - Brimfield Elementary School


This grant will fund a variety of flexible seating equipment for use in the learning environment.  It will allow the students to wobble, rock, bounce, lean or stand which increases oxygen flow to the brain, blood flow throughout the body and increases core strength while supporting the students' individual learning styles.  The equipment will be used daily, benefiting as many students as possible in the school.



Dramatic Play is FUNdamental


Krista Starr, Lori Czech, Maureen Kenneway, Denise Campiglio, Erica Rodriguez, Erika Blais - Burgess Elementary School


This grant will fund dramatic play furniture, storage and six different dramatic play themes.  These materials will provide hands-on play experiences, which will enhance the students' learning environment and promote learning across the curriculum.  The activities will also allow for social, emotional and language development in this age group.  The equipment will be shared among the Kindergarten teachers impacting as many students as possible and can be used year after year.



A Book for All, Big or Small


Kristin Giuggio, Mary Beth Holland, Meghan Matczak - Brimfield Elementary School


This grant will fund a book vending machine for the Brimfield Elementary School.  The fully functional vending machine will be filled with a variety of books for the students to purchase.  It will provide the teachers an opportunity to nurture the students' love of reading.  The students will earn tokens to be used in the machine by demonstrating excellent school citizenship, positive behavior and acts of kindness, all in keeping with the school goals.  This will benefit the entire population of the school.




Collapsible GaGa Pit and Expansion for Indoor/Outdoor Physical Education


Christine Neslusan - Wales Elementary School


This grant will fund a "GaGa" Pit, which is an enclosed space with low walls and room for several individuals to move freely while playing a variety of games.  It can be used either indoors or outdoors and can be configured to support a variety of games and activities.  It will provide many activity options for students, who might otherwise sit out or not want to participate.  It will also encourage problem solving and teamwork.  It will benefit all students at the school.




Touch Screen Monitors:  An Equitable Solution


Jeff Crisafulli, Elizabeth Venezia - Holland Elementary School


This grant will purchase eight touch screen monitors for small group settings as additional instruction sites in the classroom.  This will allow instructional staff to use the same formats and materials as the classroom teacher, increasing education equity by creating consistency between the whole classroom and the small group settings.  The touch screens will increase student engagement by providing fast and easy visuals for a variety of learners.




"Building Thinking Classrooms" - Resources for Mathematics Teaching


Terri Boshka - TRHS


This grant is to expand the use of "a thinking math classroom" from one to all 16 math classrooms at TRHS.  It provides for four mounted white boards for use in each of the classrooms. This will provide students with the opportunity to be fully engaged in learning, to encourage vertical thinking and group activities.  It will encourage students to take more ownership of their own learning, gain confidence in their mathematical abilities and prevent them from falling behind.  It will benefit every student who takes Math at TRHS.



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2023 Grant Winners

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Grant Applications

How Grants Get Granted

The Ted. Grants Review Committee consists of members of the Ted. Board of Directors and educators not affiliated with the Tantasqua or Union 61 school districts. In order to ensure impartiality, the Review Committee reads the applications with the teachers’ names and schools removed.


What Ted. Funds

Teacher-initiated innovative projects and programs and the materials that support them. The key criteria are listed here.


Ted. Evaluation for
Grant Proposals
  • Is this a creative, innovative project in teaching and/or learning, (i.e. one that involves “change, expansion, adaptation, enhancement, improvement, challenge, risk, or a new technique which is supported in the literature”)?

  • Does the project complement the curriculum goals of the Tantasqua Regional or Union 61 Public Schools?

  • Are the goals, outcomes, and activities of the project clearly stated, and completed with adequate detail?

  • Will the project benefit large numbers of students?

  • Is the project suitable for replication in the school system?

  • Are the budget items reasonable and in adequate detail?

  • Does the dissemination method and/or evaluation mechanism adequately assess the success of the project?

  • What is the overall strength of the proposal?



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