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Each spring Ted. awards grants to teachers applying from the elementary schools in Brimfield, Brookfield, Holland, Sturbridge and Wales as well as from Tantasqua Junior and Senior High Schools. These grants allow teachers to pursue exciting new programs and encourage students to excel using innovative educational approaches. 

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Grants Awarded in 2022

Learning Through Minecraft    

$982.80 with 3yr license     

Kage Sagan, Nicole Colella, Kerri Glanville -Wales Elementary School


This grant will fund the purchase of 65 licenses for Minecraft: Education Edition for the enhancement of core standards in Grades 3-6. This version allows for increased student engagement across all curriculum areas, through an engaging, high-interest medium that is equitable and accessible to all learning styles. Each child in grades 3-6 will have a personal account that they will be able to access both at home and in school.


Unplug to Recharge


Meghan Rodier, Melissa Strange, Deb Culver, Loree Hamparian - TJHS

This grant will provide a collection of activity book and supplies, board games and recreational items for students to utilize in developing independent skills to manage stress and anxiety with a focus on items that display an emphasis upon diversity, cultural appreciation and gender equality topics. These tools will help them battle stress utilizing non-technology-based methods. 


Compassion Cards Continued  

Carol Willard, Emma Pesaturo, Abigail Korenda, Madeline Guertin -TJHS

This grant will fund updating necessary equipment that is now "tired" and outdated. Students photograph their Art and use graphic design programs to alter their work and learn how to create note cards. Card packs are sold and all proceeds are donated to non profit groups. The color printer has been a key to the success of this project for 12 years and needs to be replaced in order to continue the project for many more years. 


Put Your Best Foot Forward


Mary Meyer, Meghan Rodier - Tantasqua and Union 61 District

This grant will fund 6 adjustable footrests, 6 rocking footrests, and the material needed for the carpentry department to fabricate additional wood footstools. When children are optionally positioned, they perform significantly better than children who are in too-large standard classroom furniture and allows them to remain seated without providing distraction to others in the classroom. 


Gymnastics Supporting Movement Skill Development 


Megan Clark - Brookfield Elementary

This grant will fund an updated gymnastics unit, including new equipment, and will benefit all elementary students with motor skill development. Gymnastics prepares students for all fundamental movement patterns that transfer to different skills and sport genres and will support physical activity and fitness. 


Shining a Light on Learning


Kimberly Ferreira, Rebecca Choquet - Brookfield Elementary

This grant will fund 3 light tables and accessories, utilized in academic learning and play centers in Early Childhood classrooms. The tables and manipulatives will foster sensory integration and will provide sensory discovery. COVID changed how we are teaching young children. There is too much hands-off and too much time with pencil and paper work. Children learn by doing. These tables and supplies get back to hands-on learning. 


Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine


Dalaine Baril, Jen Mullin - Burgess Elementary School

This grant will fund an Inchy's Bookworm vending machine, tokens and trade books to stock the machine. The goal is to increase students' love for reading and to empower elementary students to become good citizen. It will be used as a reward system for students who meet academic goals or show kindness, exhibit good character and model excellent school citizenship all which align with PBIS goals. 


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Download Sample
Grant Applications

How Grants Get Granted

The Ted. Grants Review Committee consists of members of the Ted. Board of Directors and educators not affiliated with the Tantasqua or Union 61 school districts. In order to ensure impartiality, the Review Committee reads the applications with the teachers’ names and schools removed.


When Grants Get Granted

Applications are due by Feb 10 and notification of the awards by early May.


What Ted. Funds

Teacher-initiated innovative projects and programs and the materials that support them. The key criteria are listed here.


Ted. Evaluation for
Grant Proposals
  • Is this a creative, innovative project in teaching and/or learning, (i.e. one that involves “change, expansion, adaptation, enhancement, improvement, challenge, risk, or a new technique which is supported in the literature”)?

  • Does the project complement the curriculum goals of the Tantasqua Regional or Union 61 Public Schools?

  • Are the goals, outcomes, and activities of the project clearly stated, and completed with adequate detail?

  • Will the project benefit large numbers of students?

  • Is the project suitable for replication in the school system?

  • Are the budget items reasonable and in adequate detail?

  • Does the dissemination method and/or evaluation mechanism adequately assess the success of the project?

  • What is the overall strength of the proposal?



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